Just got around to watching the Apple keynote where they introduced Author and the new iBooks and iTunes U. Did anyone else detect some slight panic in the audience’s reception of these? There were oohs and ahs, as in any Apple keynote, but there were tons of publishing industry insiders there and if they weren’t panicked, they should have been. Education is an industry that that needs disruption, in general, and not just in how they deliver text books or organize classes.

Within the past twelve months I’ve had discussions with a publishing company who, through a focused internal team, intends to introduce tools to improve college readiness. Not sure they’re taking the right approach… doing anything even slightly disruptive is tremendously difficult when attempting to do so from within one of the giant, incumbent organizations. But someone is going to crack that nut, and it might well be them. Whomever figures it out, I hope it happens soon. I look forward to that disruption with an interest more social (and parental!) than entrepreneurial. Sooner the better.


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