Conversation Discovery now in GraphEdge Pro

Now you can get a sense of how much buzz your campaign generates beyond just the results of keyword searches!

GraphEdge Pro now discovers tweets (entire threads) that are in reply to campaign-relevant tweets, regardless of whether the reply contains a campaign search-term.

These “conversation-tweets” and their authors are integrated into the standard Campaign reporting, and are also reported separately, with all the stats you’d expect to see from a GraphEdge report!

There’s a new “Conversations” tab you can use to view threads, hierarchically rendered. When you manually “exclude” a tweet as being irrelevant to a campaign, the entire part of the thread that is in response to that tweet is also excluded (or re-included, if you’re restoring a tweet).

We’re really excited about this one…. multiple clients are already making use of this new feature. It’s very cool!

Please reach out if you’re interested in adding Campaign Tracking to your existing GraphEdge report, or if you’re interested in learning more about becoming a GraphEdge client. I’m offering free trials of Campaign Tracking for a limited time, so hurry!


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