Recent bug and fix

So I’ve been so focused on our agency-related products, that I missed a pretty big bug in our public-facing site.

The issue was that our updates weren’t being sent if people didn’t explicitly set their update-frequency in their account settings. Then I fixed the bug a couple of days ago. This had an unfortunate side-effect for a certain group of recent Free Trial users: if they signed up more than 14 days before the bug was fixed, their free trial expired before they received their first update. So they’d click the links in their @messages and the report page tells them they’re expired, they’ll have to pay. That sucks!

This has led to confusion and, in some cases, mistrust. I can understand that. If you’ve encountered this bug, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. I’m trying to find a solution that’ll let these ‘limbo’ Free Trials continue. Stay tuned.


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