Good but Not Good Enough

I’ve had a survey available to some repeat customers for a short time. Results are good (even though the sample size is small), but not where I want the product to be.

The key question in a survey i: “How would you feel if you could no longer use [product name]?”

Current results for GraphEdge are:

  • Very disappointed: 15.4%
  • Somewhat disappointed: 76.9%
  • Not disappointed (it really isn’t that useful): 0%
  • N/A – I no longer use GraphEdge: 7.7%

For Lean Startup/Customer Development gurus, this one question is the main metric for product-market fit in young products, much preferred over it’s ugly cousin, the misleading “Net Promoter Score”.

Marketing guru Sean Ellis visited Dogpatch Cambridge back in December and told us he won’t even start marketing a product until it has 25%-40% “very disappointed”. So while these scores look pretty good, it’s not really where I want the product yet.

Of course, this is a poll of the public use of GraphEdge, not of my PR- and marketing agency partners, who are overwhelmingly positive. So I’m not terribly disappointed to have a “would be very disappointed” score of under 30% from the general public… but I’d rather it be better!

Regarding Net Promoter Score: question 5 asks: “Have you ever recommended [product name] to others?” In this question, GraphEdge scores a whopping 77%. Viewed on its own, this would perhaps give a too-rosy picture of the product’s fit to market. Combined with my “how disappointed” score, however, this tells me that I’m doing better than the competition, but failing to delight. Going to work on that.


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