New Feature: Raw Data

Very pleased to announce a feature that people have been asking for/about for some time now: access to raw data.

As of today, you’ll be able to get tab/return-delimited text of the raw data that feeds the daily GraphEdge stats/charts, including:

  • Date
  • Follows
  • Unfollows
  • Net Change
  • Total Followers
  • Legitimate Followers

To get the data, click the little “data” icon in the headings of your Followers History or Network Change History blocks in your report.

Doing so will launch a specialized Report containing a Historical Data section, in which is a text box containing the data itself, which you can select and copy into your spreadsheet of choice.

Formatting might look a little funky as presented in the text box, but it’ll be fine once pasted into your external application.

Note that Follows and Unfollows (and hence, Net Change) all apply to Legitimate Followers only. Since users are constantly being reclassified as illegitimate (or legit… it could happen!), these numbers are subject to change day-to-day. For example, let’s say Twitter account @SpamBot starts following you on Feb. 14. He’ll show up as a Follow for Feb 14, until his account is canceled by Twitter and GraphEdge reclassifies that user as illegitimate. After that happens, the user will no longer show up as a legitimate Follow in historical data.

All reporting data is updated nightly.

Thanks to Erin Hollabaugh and @StaplesTweets for lighting a fire under our butts to get this finished & rolled out!


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