My iSlate Predictions

Unrelated to GraphEdge, but I can’t resist putting myself on record with a few predictions regarding the upcoming Apple announcement. Part guesswork, part dream:

  • Will be billed not as a tablet or a laptop replacement, or a media reader, but as a “new kind of device”, on top of which device makers and app developers can build – deep into verticals like media, gaming, music (performance), academic (textbooks), and professional verticals – medicine, etc — Update: wrong!
  • Not called iSlate, but will carry a new brand – probably another apple-breed variation like “Macintosh”, something like Cortland or Gala (but not Granny Smith!) — Update: wrong!
  • Verizon data connection, not subsidized – no telephony other than VOIP. — Update: wrong!
  • Uni-body construction (not an iPhone look-alike) – lighter than expected — Update: half-right
  • Runs iPhone OS4 (which will be (re)named something – TouchOS perhaps) — Update: wrong!
  • 32GB LCD for $699; 64GB OLED for $1099 – data contract required — Update: wrong!
  • Front facing camera that knows how to locate you and digitally pan/zoom to you! No back-facing camera — Update: wrong!
  • Fancy new-style optical input/output ONLY (no USB, no other video out) — Update: wrong!
  • Bluetooth keyboard/mouse capability PLUS new, special versions of iWork and iLife apps — Update: 50/50
  • Over-air sync via Apple’s what’s-it-called serviced OR sync to new version of iTunes – ie, existing Mac / iTunes / connection NOT required but nicely integrated — Update: wrong!
  • GPS yes, accelerometer no — Update: wrong! (got it backwards, so extra wrong)
  • Interesting partnerships w/ publishers for daily newspaper-like content from NYT and others – will be hyped by Steve as the new paradigm for all publishing – magazines, books, newspapers — Update:right!
  • Steve will present this, will get straight to the point without a lot of less-important stuff up-front — Update:mostly right

Update: Very poor predictive skills… 3/13 = 23%


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