Language Tweak

There appears to be some confusion by the text in our site’s footer. Until today it read “we can no longer offer free accounts for users with fewer than 1000 followers”. This was because we used to charge only for accounts with more than 1000 followers. Then we stopped that policy and started charging all users.

However, the language wasn’t sufficiently clear. Some users took it to mean that free accounts are only offered for users with more than 1000 followers. Not the case.

So as of today the language has been tweaked and now reads: “GraphEdge is a paid service”.

Sorry for any confusion. I think it’s very clear now (if not entirely popular!). 14 day free trials are still in effect for now, but we’re actually considering doing away with them. We get a lot of curious-but-not-serious passers-by, so our new-user pipeline/funnel has to be enormous to handle the demand.

We’ll see. There’ a lot of work to do on reporting & data before we go there.


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