Changes in the Offing – Part 2: How it Will Be

A previous post outlined our current user onboarding flow and early experience, especially with regard to messaging. I have concluded that we should make some changes, and I’d like to outline them here.

  1. Users should no longer be able to sign-up for GraphEdge simply by following the @GraphEdge account.
  2. Users who sign-in to GraphEdge using their Twitter account—but who do not currently have GraphEdge accounts—won’t automatically get GraphEdge accounts, as they currently do.
  3. We’ll add an email collection step to the sign-up process. All accounts will be required to give us a valid email address.
  4. Email (not Twitter) will be the default mode of communication from GraphEdge to its users. There will be a way for users to choose to receive their messages via Twitter, however.
  5. An email authentication step (user must click a link in an email we send) will be required before users can see their reports.

This list represents a real departure from one of our early principles: sign-up should be dead-simple. I think it’s still fairly simple, but not “dead” simple!

It also represents rather a lot of work. It might be some time before it’s implemented, especially since I’m queuing it behind other big work to add some awesome new features (can’t wait to blog about those!). I think it can wait because of the many steps we’ve taken to make it so simple to opt out of both messaging and GraphEdge accounts. For example, starting tomorrow, the standard message from GraphEdge will read:

GraphEdge update: 100,000 Fol’s and Unfol’s in the past X days. Click to view OR to stop these updates:

Stay tuned for more details on when these changes (and the new features!) will be released. Please do contact us at support [at] graphedge [dot] com to give feedback, or I can be reached on Twitter at @WaldronFaulkner


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