Many updates to the GraphEdge site over the past few days.

First, we finally made good on our promise/threat to start charging for accounts with more than 1000 followers. Only a few users have seen the payment wall so far—we’re rolling it out slowly—but if you’ve been a GraphEdge user for a while and have more than 1000 followers, your turn to help support the project is near! Additionally, about a week ago we changed the wording on our site: we can no longer offer free accounts, even to users with less than 1000 followers. Everyone still gets a 14 day trial. Pricing is published on the site.

Users who wish to forgo their free trial and don’t want to wait for registration to re-open may join immediately by subscribing. Users may subscribe here.

When you sign in via Twitter, we now display handy links in the top-right of the window, for Report and Account. Hoping people will use the account page to dial-in their update frequency to a number that makes sense to them.

And last but not least: we’ve published our Policies for all to see. I hope this will help users understand that we’re the good guys, and feel more comfortable about signing-in via Twitter and signing-up for GraphEdge.

Please comment regarding pricing, policies, all the above.


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