Report o’ the Day – Sept. 22: @CiscoSecurity

Wanted to go a little more in-depth with today’s Report o’ the Day, because @CiscoSecurity is doing something right, and it’s a good example to show how to read the GraphEdge report.

First, check out this follower-history chart. 98% legitimate, with constant, steady growth. They’ve grown nearly 10% in less than a month. That’s amazingly good.


Now, the 98% legitimacy rate states that 98% of @CiscoSecurity’s followers are following under 2000 people. But they might all be piled into the 500-2000 bucket, and still fall under the threshold. Not in this case… look at how many of these users follow @CiscoSecurity and under 99 others… it’s more than 50%.


So they’re fairly well focused on reading about CiscoSecurity… a supposition that is further strengthened by the followers’ followers chart. A whopping 39% of this user’s followers have, themselves, fewer than 30 followers. 61% have fewer than 100. These are not people who are here to talk, they’re here to listen!


And lastly, check the list of Relevent Friends. We know these users don’t follow many others. But look at who they do follow. In this list as well as the Popular Friends list, it’s all Cisco or security. No Ashton Kutcher, no Barack Obama, no Shaq. These are super-focused security geeks, thirsty for the @CiscoSecurity message, and more arriving every day.


This is what you’re “More Info” report should look like, folks! Now… next step for GraphEdge needs to be finding ways to help you build and use an audience like this. That’s where we’re heading next!


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