Welcome and News

Welcome to the official blog of GraphEdge.

Today we’re officially releasing our latest version of GraphEdge. There are some big new features, both behind the scenes and user-facing.

  • Sign in with Twitter: as of today, you can get to your report by going to GraphEdge and clicking “Sign In with Twitter”. The site will send you to twitter for authentication, then magically drop you back into your report.
  • User experience on the GraphEdge site: to accommodate sign-in with Twitter we had to develop an actual site! Integrating Twitter-authenticated users (who may or may not be GraphEdge users, who may or may not qualify for the free service, etc., who may or may not be in a trial period, etc.) took some time and thought.
  • New design: the colors, fonts, etc. are the same, but I’ve done a lot of work on to cleanup the site’s design & layout. It was something to do while Twitter was down last week!

In addition, I’ve fixed an issue we’ve had in our reporting of “User-Level Follow/Un-follow Activity”. Twitter’s inconsistency had resulted in some pretty weird looking data, eg. the same user Following or Un-Following you (or both!) multiple times in the same day. To compound the problem, our report-generation code had a problem as well.

So we’ve fixed the problem on our side, and we’ve added some fault tolerance to our data collection to deal with weird or incomplete information coming from Twitter. Legacy data has been cleaned up as well… merged any Follows that happened within 48 hours of a previous Un-follow into a single continuous event. There are still some circumstances where a Twitter user might have dropped you one day and then re-followed you a few days later; these are accurately reflected.

This technique of ignoring drops that are shortly nullified by re-follows will be carried forward in our data collection. 24 hours is the threshold.

So GraphEdge has never been more solid and accessible and usable. Yay! Use it in good health!

Lastly: I’d like to put out a request for feedback. We’ll be adding a few new features to the report in the next few weeks. What features would you like to see?


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